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xviii + 389 pp.

£60 / $95 / €75
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£24.50 / $29.50 / €27.50

Feminist Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in Retrospect. III.
Edited by Susanne Scholz

This is the third of a set of three volumes reviewing the progress of feminist Hebrew Bible scholarship over the last forty years. In this third volume, eighteen contributors focus on the wide range of exegetical methods as they have been productively employed in feminist biblical interpretations.

More specifically, each essay investigates how feminist Hebrew Bible exegetes have worked with exegetical methods. Each essay surveys the method under consideration as it has emerged in academic discourse generally and in biblical studies in particular. Each essay also explains how feminist uses of the various exegetical methods have been deeply embedded within the theological, cultural, and even political expectations and assumptions of readers of the Bible.

This volume asks readers to come to terms with the following question: What are the best methods for feminist exegesis in the light of past and present socio-political, theological, or hermeneutical developments in reading the Bible? After all, feminist theorists have come to recognize that methods are always already situated within powerful epistemological and methodological structures that have their roots in vast arrays of historical, political, economic, social, and religious factors. This volume encourages feminist debate on these complex issues that stand at the heart of biblical exegesis.

Susanne Scholz is Professor of Old Testament, Perkins School of Theology, Dallas, Texas.

Series: Recent Research in Biblical Studies, 9
978-1-910928-11-0 hardback / 978-1-910928-29-5 paperback
Publication July 2016

Susanne Scholz
Introduction: Methods and Feminist Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible


Pamela J. Milne and Susanne Scholz
On Methods and Methodology in Feminist Biblical Studies:
A Conversation

Esther Fuchs
Sexual Biblical Politics as an Interventionist Interrogation:
The Israelite and Foreign Woman in Feminist Literary


Sarah Shectman
Back to the Past:
An Overview of Feminist Historic al Criticism

Carol L. Meyers
Beyond the Bible: Archaeology, Ethnohistory, and
the Study of Israelite Women

Rebecca Hancock
Advantages and Challenges: Comparative Historic al
Criticism and Feminist Biblical Studies

Johanna Stiebert
Within and without Purity, Danger, Honour, and Shame:
Anthropological Approaches in Feminist Hebrew Bible Studies

Phyllis A. Bird
The God of the Fathers Encounters Feminism:
Overture for a Feminist Old Testament Theology


Beth LaNeel Tanner
Discovering her Story in the Text:
Literary Criticism In Feminist Hebrew Bible Studies

Serge Frolov
Patriarch on the Couch:
Psychology in Feminist Exegesis

Susanne Scholz
Tracing Differance, Power, and the Discourse of Gender:
Deconstruction in Feminist Hebrew Bible Studies


Karen Baker-Fletcher
Seeking our Survival, our Quality of Life, and Wisdom:
Womanist Approaches to the Hebrew Bible

Nicole J. Ruane
When Women Aren’t Enough:
Gender Criticism in Feminist Hebrew Bible Interpretation

Tina Pippin
Biblical Women as Ideological Constructs toward Justice:
Ideological Criticism as a Feminist/Womanist Method

Jeremy Punt
Dealing with Empire and Negotiating Hegemony:
Developments in Postcolonial Feminist Hebrew Bible Criticism

Rhiannon Graybill
Surpassing the Love of Women:
From Feminism to Queer Theory in Biblical Studies

Roland Boer
Modes of Productions and Reading Labors on the Margins:
Marxist Feminist Criticism of the Hebrew Bible

Katherine Low
Space for Women and Men:
Masculinity Studies in Feminist Biblical Interpretation

Caroline Blyth
Engaging with Cultural Discourses:
Cultural Feminist Criticism in Hebrew Bible Studies

The present volume is the third of a set of three volumes, dealing with feminist interpretation of the HB in retrospect. While the first two volumes of the collection focused on ‘Biblical Books’ and ‘Social Locations …, the third volume is dedicated to the survey of exegetical methods. The contributions assembled aim to show ‘how feminist biblical scholars have used the wide spectrum of exegetical methods in their work’…

This is an extraordinary collection of contributions that in an exemplary way seeks to position feminist interpretation(s) within the methodological frameworks of the discipline. Not only does it give an excellent overview of the discussions in the past, but it will also prove to inform and encourage further feminist debates.
Anja Klein, Society for Old Testament Study Book List.